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My parent's don't understand me
My Parents Don’t Understand Me
October 30, 2021

How many time’s that I have heard teens yelling “my parents don’t understand me.” It seems that most of today’s teens in our culture seem to feel this.

Furthermore, it seems to be one of the most frequently used phrases that rapidly come out of teens mouths.

Having raised seven children, you can almost be this is a phrase that I heard on more than one occasion. In quick fashion, I always explained to them that I had more understanding than they may think.

Why Is This The Go-To Phrase?

I can’t say that I have a direct answer for that. However, I can assure you that the teens of today’s times are not the only ones who have uttered that from their mouths.

I can assuredly tell you that I can remember as a teen using that same expression.

I am now 55. The only thing that truly is different from when I was a teen to those in today’s world, is the absence of the modern electronics that are enjoyed by the youth of today.

We dealt with the vary things that are commonly experienced today. Everything from bullying, drugs, alcohol, porn, you name it.

If there’s always one thing that I commonly hear is “yeah, but it was different back then.”

No, actually it wasn’t!

So exactly what has changed from when I was a teen to today? Let’s take a deeper look into that.

What’s Different Today?

Let’s first start with the fact that there are more children of divorced families today, than when I was a teen. I am not going to suggest that we didn’t have kids whose parents were divorced, it is just that most of them had solid blended families.

With the current economic situation that we are experiencing in American, many people are finding themselves having to work a part-time job just in order to make it financially.

The one thing that teens usually don’t think about, is exactly how hard their parent(s) work for the things they ask for, but usually don’t need.

How many of you have the latest in smartphone technology, or the latest gaming console, the hottest fashions, and the list goes on.

Exactly where does that money come from to pay for those high dollar item’s?

That’s exactly right, from your parent’s hard efforts.

What’s With The Verbal Hostility?

There are way too many times that I have heard teens today back-talking their parents. Fortunately for most of them, I am in public when I hear this.

When I was growing up as a young teen, had I thought of talking back to either of my parents, I would be picking my teeth from my bottom side and found my head rolling across the floor!

Oh wait, I can already hear those out there that are playing the role of “Karen” and expressing that constitutes child abuse.

I can assure you that some good ‘ole whippings go a long way!

Your Parent’s Actually Do Understand You!

Don’t fool yourself. Your parent’s actually do understand you. You might not think so at the moment, however, if you were to take time and calm down and actually have a conversation with your parent(s), you might actually find that you have more in common that you ever thought.

And believe it or not, most parents actually want you to seek out their advice. We want to be able to provide you with the proper tools and resources along with the skill sets that will help you navigate through this time in your life.

Furthermore, can you possibly imagine that level of stress that your parents are under at this very moment in our society. They are facing challenges that have not been experienced in a long time.

Everything from virtual schooling, having to re-work their schedules to accommodate having children home during the day, and re-learning the way that we educate our students at this time in life.

Believe me, it’s quite stressful for us as parents as well. You are not in this alone.

Tell Us About Your Experiences

What challenges are you facing most in your life when it comes to your parents. Tell us below, we’d love to hear from you and maybe be able to meet up with you to help you through these challenging times with strong Biblical applications to help both parties.